My Little (Neurodivergent) Pony Part II

Well, it’s been a bit since I blogged here. Apologies for that, I started a new and wonderful job, and juggling all the things around that has been an adjustment. In another post, I’ll likely talk about my experiences as a multiply disabled academic, but for now I’d like to continue with the series I’ve began. So, next up on our list we have Fizzy! Fizzy, a teal unicorn mare, has red jeweled eyes, and a pink, white and navy blue mane and tail. Her symbol, dubbed a cutie mark in G4, is a bunch of foamy sodas in red cups arranged in a circle. Fizzy is so classically ADHD that I suspect she may have been based on someone in real life who was themselves ADHD.

Fizzy shows numerous traits of ADHD—she’s easily distracted, she talks a lot, she seems to be easily confused because she’s stopped paying attention, etc. She even seems to be more energetic than the other little ponies, suggesting she might have the combined presentation of ADHD rather than the Inattentive type. She has low self esteem too, because of her struggles, and because of how different she is from the other little ponies. At one point in an episode, she and Wind Whistler switch bodies and its really interesting. Wind Whistler is in Fizzy’s body and Fizzy is in Wind Whistler’s body. Fizzy briefly becomes more organized and Wind Whistler lets loose. They have to work together to get back into their proper bodies, and ultimately they do. Full disclaimer that I’m sure I had more to say here , but it’s been such a long time since I wrote about or thought about this series that I’ve forgotten whatever other points I wanted to make, so I’m ending it here. I’ll come back and edit this if I recall where I was originally going with the post.